Large Sofa

Large Sofa

We are using pillows and a throws to pull in new colors and distract from the beige. We are also adding some texture variation. Cluster 1-2 pillows at each end of the couch. Lay a throw behind pillows at one end.

TIP: Try to pair some contrasting pillows together (a white with a blue, rather than both whites at one end).

Small Sofa & Side Table

TIP: Cluster three items of varying height on side tables. I have a plant, a sphere and I noticed your “Hearth and Home” house figure on the mantel…that would look cute with these other items!

Side Chair, Table & Window

Side Chair, Table & Window

A tall vase on the side table will add some height to balance the lamp.

TIP: Looks like you have this vase on you mantel?? I just noticed that, just move it and use it here! I had it styled with olive branches, but the cotton would look great too.

You could probably go with either the Dove Gray or the Indigo in these curtains. Order whichever you like best. It’s hard to tell their shades in those pictures, but Amazon has really easy returns if you need to swap them out. Also, note that they come two panels per order (awesome).

TIP: I suggest ordering 4 panels in total (two on each side of the window) to get a fuller, more dramatic look, and to amp the cozy factor 😉

Coffee Table Area

Since the room is large, you really want to center and ground it. The best way to do this is with a rug! It instantly creates a defined “space”. Additionally, you will want to fill the space with large enough furniture. But rather than have one massive coffee table, we can add an ottoman.

TIP: You can double up and style two duplicate ottomans near the table – this will help fill the large open space and pull the room together more. You also gain some extra seating and foot rests!

Adding a few simple objects to the coffee table will add some interest without making it look messy. Cluster these three vases near each other with some faux, green stems. Next, to that stack a couple of interesting coffee table books inside this tray.

TIP: Probably 5-6 olive stems to fill the three of these vases.



Arrange a tall vase and stems to one side of the mirror*, with the short lantern. On the opposite side of the mirror, lean the framed art and set the flowers next to that (objects should be close, or partially overlapping the mirror).

TIP: If you wanted to tone down more beige and move closer to a country look, you could paint your fireplace stone white. But that is totally up to you! Natural stone is beautiful and still works in almost any space.

*The Studio 62 mirror is a GREAT price, but out of stock right now. I think it’s coming back if you want to wait (it also comes in brass and they may have them in the store locations), or this other one I linked is similar. Be sure to measure your mounting space before you order!

Other Items

Not sure what you have going on with the other walls and areas of the room I can’t see. Thought you may need some art above the smaller sofa?

Also, I have so many baskets around for extra blankets or to throw pillows if they are in the way. I have some with lids for toy storage too! Thought this one would look nice with blankets by your fireplace.

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